CERN MusiClub presents... Hardronic Music Festival vol.2024. Saturday 6th July 2024. R3 Terrace Prévessin - from 4pm.

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The Hardronic Music Festival was created in 1989 by Silvano de Gennaro and, for the last three decades, has been coordinated by Simon Baird, Django Manglunki, Rusty Boyd, Daniel Vazquez Rivera, Arek Gorzawski and Tom Levens for the CERN MusiClub under the auspices of the CERN Staff Association. The Festival is the opportunity for CERN Staff, Summer Students, Users, their friends and families, to come to the site and enjoy all types of live music, delicious food and cool drinks.

It started 35 years ago, as a very small event, on the terrace of Restaurant 1 in Meyrin. During the first years, the stage was the platform of a CERN truck, lent by the transport group. As it grew in subsequent years, the Festival had to be moved to a larger venue, on the fields of the CERN Prévessin site, near Restaurant 3 with big stages and the finest live music non-stop for eight hours along a great festival ambience. Although every year the festival had a different format: one or two days, mid-July or end of August, etc... most of the time we've been super lucky with the weather.

Join us for a real "CERN National Holiday"!

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Event information

The Hardronic Music Festival will take place on Saturday, 6th of July, with music starting at 4pm and ending around midnight.

As usual, the festival will take place on the Restaurant 3 Terrace on the CERN Prévessin site.

The Hardronic Music Festival is for EVERYONE and is FREE! Bring your co-workers, friends and family and enjoy this day. More info about access HERE.


EIGHT of the finest CERN MusiClub bands will perform. You can find the schedule below.

16:00 – Badadoom

17:00 – Skina and the Trailers

18:00 – The Monks of Gold

19:00 – Fire Cream

20:00 – Blast From The Past

21:00 – Danegeld

22:00 – Miss Proper and the Moving Targets

23:00 – Diracula

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CERN access card holders

Entrance to the Prévessin site will operate as normal for CERN access card holders:

  • People with BLUE, GREEN (family/retiree) and BLACK (external/club members) CERN cards are able to enter the site using their access card. They are not required to register.

  • People with RED (contractor) CERN cards are not allowed to access the site outside of working hours and are required to register for a visitor pass. Please follow the guest registration procedure described below.


Guests (friends, family, etc) can access the Prévessin only with a visitor pass. They are required to register on Indico before midday on Friday 5th July. There will be no on-site registration booth.

Click here for the registration form!

After registering, please print the visitor passes and bring them with you along with a valid photo ID. It will also be possible to collect the visitor passes at the entrance of the Prévessin site, however we request you to print them in advance if possible to minimise delays at the entrance.

You will not be allowed to enter the Prévessin site without either: a blue/green/black CERN access card; or a visitor pass and a valid photo ID!


The rules for entering the Prévessin site with a vehicle are the same as any other day. This means that if you have not completed the necessary formalities to access CERN with your vehicle, then you will not be allowed to do so during the festival either.

It is not possible for visitors to enter the Prévessin site with their own vehicle.

Please bear in mind that all passengers in an authorised vehicle will have to show their CERN access cards or a visitor pass and valid photo ID at the entrance.

As the number of parking places on the Prévessin site are limited, we suggest you try to car-share or use public transport whenever possible.

Public transportation

Please take public transport to come to the festival if possible!

The Prévessin site is now accessible directly by TPG bus 66 at the stop Prévessin, CERN.

The SCE department will provide a FREE shuttle service between the CERN Meyrin and Prévessin sites. The shuttle stop is close to the TPG stop Meyrin, CERN which is served by the tram 18 and the bus 68.

Shuttle stops


The shuttle will leave Meyrin from the entrance gate to ATLAS/Point 1.

  • From the TPG tram stop: walk towards the border, past the SOCAR gas station and turn right at the traffic light. The shuttle stop is just up the hill.
  • From CERN Entrance B: cross Rte. de Meyrin and go straight up the hill.


The shuttle will stop OUTSIDE of the Prévessin gate.

Shuttle timetable

Meyrin Prévessin Meyrin
15:00 15:15 15:30
15:30 15:45 16:00
16:00 16:15 16:30
16:30 16:45 17:00
17:00 17:15 17:30
BREAK between : 17:30 & 18:30
18:30 18:45 19:00
19:00 19:15 19:30
19:30 19:45 20:00
20:00 20:15 20:30
20:30 20:45 21:00
21:00 21:15 21:30
BREAK between : 21:30 & 22:30
22:30 22:45 23:00
23:00 23:15 23:30
23:30 23:45 00:00
00:00 00:15 00:30
00:30 00:45 01:00


There will be a bar on site selling beer, wine and various soft drinks. Please note that the bar will only accept CASH and there is no ATM available on site.

All profits from the bar support the work of AidforAll, a local charity helping vulnerable communities with basic needs, education and emergency health care in Vietnam, India, Laos and most recently Ukraine.

We are extremely grateful to the Carlsberg Foundation & Carlsberg who are generously supporting the festival.


This year you will get to satisfy your culinary needs at Hardronic 2024 with the following options:

Obsessions CulinairesFood truck selling burgers

CERN Fire Brigade – Hot dogs, french fries and ice cream

Bar – The bar will also offer empanadas, fruit salads, Ukrainian crepes, and fruit smoothies

Armenian BBQ – Chicken wings, chicken nuggets, french fries, tacos, pizza

Other information

Please note that photographs and footage will be taken throughout the festival. By entering the event premises, you consent to photography, audio recording, video recording and its/their release, publication, exhibition, or reproduction to be used for news, web casts, promotional purposes, telecasts, advertising, inclusion on websites, social media, or any other purpose by the MusiClub and its affiliates and representatives.

All parents are reminded that children are under their responsibility at all times. In particular children must not be allowed unsupervised in the crowd close to the stage.


I work at CERN, can I join the festival?

Yes, just make sure that you bring your CERN access card to Prévessin site.

Please note that contractors with red CERN access cards are not allowed to access the site outside of working hours and are required to register as a guest.

I have friends visiting that want to go with me, is it possible?

Everyone is welcome! People without a CERN access card are required to register as a guest.

What time does it start?

The music will start at 4pm.

What time does it end?

The festival will end around midnight.

I don't have a car, how can I go there?

Please see the public transportation options.

I have a car, can I take it with me?

If you have a CERN access card, and your car is properly registered, then you can enter the site by car as normal. Bear in mind that parking places are limited so we suggest that you car-share, bike, or take public transport if possible. Please see the section on parking for full details.

I am a visitor and I have a car, what should I do?

It is not possible for visitors to park on the Prévessin site. Please see the section on parking for full details.

Can we eat/drink there?

Yes. There will be stalls selling food and drinks. Please see the section on food & drinks for full details.

I am vegetarian, will there be any options for me?

Yes! Options may be more limited, but we thought of you!

Is it family-friendly?

Of course! There will be plenty of space for everyone. We will have face-painting for kids and hope to offer other activities.

Is it pet-friendly?

Unfortunately not, pets are not allowed on to the site according to the CERN Safety Rules: "Only guide and assistance animals are allowed in Science Gateway and on the CERN sites."

Can I pay food and drinks with my bank card?

The food-trucks may be able accept card payments. Payments at the bar are only possible in cash. Please note that there is no access to an ATM on site, so please make sure to bring enough cash with you!

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